LiveFrame FAQ:


What is LiveFrame?

LiveFrame is an iPad app that turns your device into a digital photo frame.


How does it work?

LiveFrame sources photos from your device, online photo sharing sites, and your social networks to create a personal, customizable photo feed.


Do I need to sign up to use LiveFrame?

No. You do not need to create an account to use LiveFrame. LiveFrame uses your existing photo sharing and social network accounts (and those of your friends and family) to source photos.


What photo sources can I add? (eg. social networks, photo sharing accounts)

In addition to the camera roll on your device, you can add your Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram accounts.


What if I am not signed up to any social networks?

You can still view photos from the camera roll on your device or add individual users from Flickr and Instagram by searching for their user name or email.


I want to add photos from a different source. How do I make this happen?

We plan to add new photo sources on a regular basis. Take our poll, or Contact Us directly to let us know what sources you would like to see added first.


How do I add users/accounts?

See our “Getting Started” page in the About section.


I pushed the ‘play slideshow’ button, but there was no slideshow?

Check which timeframe you have selected – if you have selected ‘Week’, perhaps your contacts have not uploaded any photos in the last week. Try selecting ‘Month”, “Year”, “All”, or “Custom”.


Still no slideshow?

Do any of your contacts have a little “!” symbol beside them? You may need to reauthorize your accounts (your social networks may require you to do this periodically). Press the “!” and follow the instructions provided.


Facebook FAQ:


Why are all my Facebook friends not available to add as contacts?

Facebook only allows apps to access content from users who have authorized them. If you want to view photos from your friends you can invite them to download the LiveFrame app, or they can authorize the app here.


Why does LiveFrame want to access my Status Updates?

People often post photos in their Status Updates.


Why does LiveFrame want to access my friends list?

LiveFrame is better with friends! If you want to view all the photos that your Facebook friends have posted in your photo feed, we need access to the list so that you can add them as users.


Why does LiveFrame want to access my Photos?

This is where most people store their photos on Facebook – in albums.


Why does LiveFrame want to Post on my Wall?

LiveFrame is better with friends (didn’t we already say that?)! Because Facebook now requires every user to authorize an app before it can access their information, this is the easiest way for you to request that your friends authorize LiveFrame so that you can view their photos. We promise not to post anything on your behalf!


Airplay FAQ:


How do I turn my TV into a life-size photo frame using Apple TV?

Enable Airplay mirroring on your supported iOS device. See https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204289 for more information.